3 thoughts on “Cavity Back vs Blade Irons?

  1. I tried using old blades on the driving range to practice hitting the sweet spot and getting direct feedback through my hands (as well as watching the ball flight), then using old Ping Zings on the course (yes, I know, I’m cheap) because they’re forgiving. though I’d love to get some new blades just because they look so good, and when hit right, feel so good.

    It’s the good shots that keep me coming back, but I’m not sure i’d get enough of them with blades on the course to not just die of frustration.

  2. Titleist came out with a combo set years ago and I thought it would a great idea to have the shorter irons blades and the longer irons cavity back. I’m not certain I really am a good enough golfer to have bought them but I have to agree when I hit the sweet spot it’s golden.. when I don’t I wonder why I didn’t buy the Mizunos..:) Thanks again for taking the time to do these. They are always informative and a pleasure to watch.

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