A Spin on Better Bunker Play

Dear Frank,

I have always had trouble hitting bunker shots high enough to give them good spin and control. I mainly play a 56-degree sand wedge. Should I try using a 60-degree wedge?

Mark, TX


I don’t think the change of club will help as much as a lesson from a pro who knows the short game.

If you want to evaluate your equipment, pay attention to the bounce angle of your sand wedge (the amount the leading edge of the club is angled above the trailing edge). Good bunker play comes from good technique, not the loft of the club.

Sometimes more loft might even be worse for sand shots. For example, some 60-degree wedges do not have the bounce angle and wider sole of a true sand wedge, so they’re not as good at sliding through (and even may dig into) the sand. Also consider the type of sand in the bunkers at your course. If it’s soft and fluffy, more bounce angle is better. If it’s hard and packed, you might benefit from less bounce. Still, as in many phases of the game, better technique beats any change in equipment.

Hope this helps,



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