Make Putting Easy

The putting stroke is the easiest stroke in golf if we let it be. “We” — not anything or anybody else — have the unique ability to ruin the integrity of a good stroke by trying to guide the putter head path and force an unnatural rhythm, which is different for every stroke, and look up during the stroke.

We can correct the path and rhythm errors by;

  • Relaxing over the putt,

  • Hold the putter with a light grip which will tend to help the rhythm

  • Use our shoulders to take the putter back – not the hands or arms. Using the shoulders, to initiate the back-swing, will maintain a natural swing plane (see chapter seven  in the Fundamentals of Putting).

  • Lastly by keeping the eyes focused on the spot behind the ball for two seconds before the stroke and several seconds after the stroke has been made –-“The Quiet Eye” — will maintain the critical body alignment affecting the face angle at impact .

Knowing the fundamentals will certainly reduce the time to develop a good putting stroke, compared to the trial-and-error method, which could take months, if not years.

I cannot be more helpful than strongly recommending you invest in a copy of “The Fundamentals of Putting” if you don’t already have one. This will be the best book you can read  if golf is your passion.

I know that putting well will build your confidence on the green and you will enjoy the game as it should be enjoyed.

Putt well


One thought on “Make Putting Easy

  1. The best advise I ever got in golf was to make putting fun……. We all love those long towering drives, or those high arcing iron shots that hit the mark……. but how many of us really enjoy putting?? Figure ways to make it fun and you will find that your putting becomes better and better…….

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