Chasing the Distance Rainbow

Hi Mr. Thomas,

I am a senior golfer – and hit my driver a little shorter these days (but, not much).

My question for you…. if my swing speed is the same for each ball…..which one gives me the greater possibility for more distance…..a harder, high compression ball……or,……. a softer, low compression ball..?

Or, should there be much of any difference..?

Thanks so much!



As you become a more mature golfer, the softer ball will probably give you a little more distance but not much.

For any significant improvement, you need to increase your range of motion which will increase your clubhead speed.

Strengthening and flexibility exercises will result in more distance than any piece of new equipment.

There is only a very small cup — not a pot — of gold at the end of the Distance Rainbow.

Work on the engine and tune it up. You will also enjoy our book, You Can Shoot Your Age, written for maturing golfers.

Hope this helps as we continue to provide weekly putting tips and “frank” information about golf equipment performance.


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