Is Your Putter the Correct Length?


The most important property of putter fitting — and about 90% of the fitting process —  is the putter length.

The wrong length putter is the source of many putting errors. It not only requires that you compensate and adjust your basic stroke mechanics as well as the need to adjust, not only alignment but also ball position. It also compromises your ability to aim correctly.  The natural swing mechanics will also be affected, along with rhythm which in turn affects your distance control.

If you want to putt consistently well by eliminating as many sources of error under your control, make sure you have the correct length putter.

When you select your Frankly Frog Putter, there will be a suggested length for your height, taking the guesswork out of your putter length selection. You can order the correct length of Frankly Frog Putter by clicking here.

Putt well

Frank and Valerie

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