Putting in St Andrews

Thanks to everyone for their kindness and support over the last few months. All your letters and comments mean the world to me and I know that Frank would be so touched by the way you have all been encouraging and helping me in your own way, as well as supporting our business.

I have been fortunate enough to be spending time playing golf in St Andrews this summer. Last night I was walking over the Old Course which the general public are permitted to walk on Sunday.

As I approached the 2nd green I took these pictures of the tremendous undulations that protect the green that I wanted to share with you. They create so many options regarding how you can play a shot. Do you lob it? Do you pitch and run the ball? Or do you putt it?

In many cases the best and safest option is to putt it. Never underestimate the power of your putter. Good rhythm is important, as is visualization…being able to create the shot in your mind before you putt. The remarkable thing about putting here is that when faced with such undulations, there are sometimes multiple ways to run the ball up to the hole.

One thing is for sure, it encourages creativity and decisiveness in your game. There are so many examples of this. More to come from St Andrews and Scotland in future posts.

May the Frog Be With You,


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