Who Will Win the Ryder Cup?

Here at the Putting PAD, there is a hot debate over whether Team USA or Team Europe will prevail at this weekend’s Ryder Cup. We thought that probably some of you also have some strong opinions on which team will win.

So this week, we are asking you to answer the question “Who Will Win the Ryder Cup?”

Share your thoughts with other Frankly Friends and site visitors by leaving a reply below, and if you have a compelling reason why you think any given team will win, let us know.

Have fun watching this weekend!

28 thoughts on “Who Will Win the Ryder Cup?

  1. The team that has the best week putting will win. In the past several Cup matches the Euros have made more clutch putts than Team USA. If the Euros do it again they win!

  2. i hope for a fair match with supporting and sporting fans, sadly i’m afraid there will be at least 1 usa fan shouting “in the hole ” and “mashed potato” at very inappropriate moments, lets hope he keeps his mouth shut or his own fans eject him as there is no place for it in the “gentleman’s game of golf” The winner for me will be “golf” I hope to see some stunning shots by both sides with one side just edging the points, for Europe of course!

  3. USA. WINS. why all the negative about Tiger. His private life is his..not yours. He has funded many foundations and continues to do so. Give him a break. Go Tiger!!!

  4. Using the respective tour websites, statistically the U.S. has a 293.5-292.2 lead in average driving distance, hardly an advantage. The winning team will putt better. I hope the Euros hear a lot of

  5. I look for the American Team to win with their stable of young guns on this 7600 Yard course. THe American players have an advantage on knowing the greens better so their putting will be victorious.

  6. I believe that the US team will win because Davis Love III will have the course set up for his team like Seve did in Valadrama. The 15th hole will be the turning point for a bunch of matches.

  7. Americans will win for these reasons: a long course at 7600 yards will favor long hitters…we have a bunch in our stable. Home course advantage. D3 !!! Dave has been there and will serve as an inspirational leader.

  8. They have the #1 player in the world but that did not help us much when Tiger was #1. I am most interesred as to how the current #1 will fare. If Rory does well, they will win. If not, it will be close and very entertaining.

  9. I think the European Team will win for two reasons: they have better mental skills to function as a team, probably from playing more team sports as kids, plus they have the extra motivation of playing for the memory of Seve. I think Europe by 3-4 points.

  10. Hope Team USA wins this one while at the same time I look for Tiger to continue to be a personal embarassment to himself. He’s proven he has NO class whatsoever. Even though he won twice this year, his game is a shambles, his on-course demeanor is embarrasing to himself and to the game and I hope he will keep his swearing in check so as not to embarrass his team. If I were Davis Love, I’d sit him at every opportunity. Why the media love affair with him continues just baffles me.

  11. Its hard to get pumped up for the US team or its fans. Yes we might win maybe not. Ryder cup is riddled with embarrassment for golf at the hands of the US fans and players. From the 1999 classless heckling of Montgomerie to the “storming of the green” after Leonard’s putt, was truly a sad day for golf. With etiquette such a high priority in golf to see “fans” and world class” players it was a classless day for golf.
    Ever since that day I hope to see good golf and sportsmanship by both sides. As for that moment in Brook-line, it still leaves me disheartened. Yes there are classy people out there, but strangely seeing Woods out there brings that bad feeling right back.

  12. I’m just enjoying seeing my old club, Medinah. As a former member ( 10 years ) the pangs of homesickness are renewed with glimps of the course and clubhouse. i’ll take our team, the young lions will make the difference.

  13. I think the Europeans will win. They play more as a team, than individuals. Which I think is why the Americans have been losing the last ones.

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